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TankaNetz is a German site dedicated to tanka and tanka prose. Apart from a selection of my work and glimpses at international tanka poetry, it provides background information and tutorials. Visitors who are not familiar with the German language are welcome to read the English versions of my tanka and tanka prose.

into this peony
of things past
and things yet to come

Ingrid Kunschke, Gusts 2014


At last another selection of tanka. More »


Mariko Kitakubo will have her first recitation performance of tanka poems in Switzerland in the former Monastry Mariaberg, Rorschach, St. Gallen, on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. More »


I highly recommend Ray Rasmussen's Tanka Prose Resources to anyone interested in essays, interviews, commentaries or book reviews on the subject.


My tanka prose "Rectification". More »

A selection of last year's tanka. More »


In 2009 I wrote an essay for Modern Haibun & Tanka Prose about Michael McClintocks "Before Croissants and Coffee". Its German version is now online. More »


A selection of last year's tanka. More »


A selection of last year's tanka. More »

The tanka prose "In Spring" combines humor with the creation of legends and allusions to Japanese ruminations about the seasons. More »

A poet's memoir on my tanka prose work "Forget-me-nots". More »


A small selection of last year's tanka. More »


In "Foetal Curl" I present lively images and apply painting techniques to convey moods and feelings. More »

Koyama Press has published Poem Tales, edited by Giselle Maya. The collection consists of haibun and tanka prose by Jim Kacian, Giselle Maya, Patricia Prime, Jeffrey Woodward and me (five works each). Isabelle Baticle contributed five calligraphies.


To celebrate its 5th anniversary, TankaNetz is presented in a new design. You will also find new tanka and more tanka prose.

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